Internet Lead Generation

An effective internet marketing campaign goes well beyond traditional pay-per-click campaigns offered by a lot of marketing agencies. Most schools are missing out on a large share of local education seekers who are actively looking for schools online. This organic traffic is free, converts at a higher than normal rate and, in the right marketing mix, should account for more than 65% of your total internet lead generation efforts.

This doesn’t mean that schools should ignore the potential of PPC campaigns. If your campaigns and follow-up processes are tailored towards the specific leads that your school should be targeting, these types of leads can convert just as well as other lead types at a lower cost.

How Our Internet Marketing Strategy Works

Regardless of your program offerings, the number of individuals using the internet at home and through their mobile devices is too great to ignore the potential for internet marketing. However, search engine optimization, paid advertising and social networking are complex aspects of internet marketing that can take years’ worth of wasted time and money to master.

We use our in-depth understanding of internet marketing to generate effective and affordable online lead generation campaigns that lead to real, quantifiable results.

Converting Traffic on a School’s Website

One of the first places we look for improvement is on a school’s website. We have found that, through the practical use of design and optimization practices, we have been able to improve a site’s existing conversions several times over. This leads to an increase in some of the most qualified leads you can find: ones that have already found you and are interested in your school.

Getting Found On The Web

For career colleges, the type of social networking and search engine optimization that drives qualified traffic is different from what a lot of different industries use. The key to implementing the right outreach strategy on the web is in understanding that a school is considered a local business and should be marketed as such. While some SEO and SEM firms focus on optimizing and marketing websites for the school’s name and brand, the fact of the matter is that your focus should be on optimizing and marketing your products instead.

Creating Internal Processes for Internet Lead Handling

In order to convert web leads, particularly those garnered from social networking and organic search engine results, into enrollments, faster response times and the use of different communication mediums are required. Understanding the mentality of internet leads will help your admissions team provide these leads with the right type of information at the right times, preventing valuable prospective students from losing interest or looking into another school for training.

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